As some of you may be aware, i have a passion for men’s work and am actively involved with the ManKind project charity in the UK.

I have almost finished a book called The myth of male power by Warren Farrell. I would recommend it to any man here.

I never appreciated how much gender inequality existed in the West with the bias towards the female. Before shooting me down, have a look at the data and arguments Farrell presents. I came across this book from the Red Pill movie that i recently watched.

Farrell covers romantic relationships in one of his chapters and gives some thought provoking insights into how chivalry and romance started in the 12th century and how this has complicated relationships. If nothing else, if you’r LTR has hit the buffers, this chapter is worth a read.

If you want some real controversial insights into romantic relationships, some of Paul Elam’s ( An Ear for Men) youtube videos are worth a watch that seem to be based on a similar theme. In my judgement his work is controversial and edgy and if nothing else will likely elicit strong reactions for those that don’t see his perspective. Elam is a psychologist with 30 years standing so his views are grounded in some real world experience.

I want to make it clear i don’t condone everything he talks / writers about and some of his videos are worth a watch – if nothing else they give an alternative perspective on male/female pair bonding.

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