For many, their experience of limerence is the portal to a period of significant spiritual growth.

Many similarities exist between the symptoms of limerence and those of a  Kundalini awakening which is described as follows:

  • The intensity of the experience can consume our whole being
  • We can find it impossible to cope at an everyday level
  • Our inner world can take over and blur confusingly with the outer
  • We can have unusual physical pains and sensations and find it impossible to sleep
  • We can experience a roller-coaster of powerful emotions
  • There can be a sense of everything falling away, including our sense of self in an ego-death, albeit usually temporarily
  • There may be ego-inflation; for example, we may believe that we are the reincarnation of Jesus or Mary
  • Thinking can become confused as the rational mind desperately tries to make sense of what is going on, resulting in psychotic-type elements
  • Symbolism and mythological themes become very meaningful for us, for example, sacred union or marriage, the battle of good versus evil, etc
  • Meaningful coincidences, known as synchronicity, often become more frequent
  • We might see unusual things, such as past-life flashbacks in our mind’s eye or spirits
  • We can experience sudden and strong energies, either as our own life force energy is spontaneously released or with the powerful inrush of spiritual energies

Here is a link to an interesting discussion on the link between limerence and spiritual emergence at 

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  1. I have been viewing my experience with limerence in a very spiritual way. How it suddenly and so strongly began was unlike any love experience I have ever had! I think my higher self led me there to discover many things about myself! I was moved to write more, a dream I have always held for myself, but never was able to truly connect with my creativity, I also started exercising more. I came to the understanding that these are the places I feel relief! I am a stronger person in many ways, but the longing for LO is still there. Perhaps this is the last leg of this particular spiritual journey, finally coming to terms with the destructive side of limerence and avoiding it’s derailing effects in relationships

    1. My lo helped me to improve myself and my life. I was very scared by the obsessive thoughts about him and the strong need to run into him. My therapist called this a fix. I felt mentally ill. A friend pointed out when in high school you seek approval of the popular crowd and it is obvious one needs to ‘get a life’. This comment resonated with me and I began to make more friends, improve my social skills (I have social anxiety), get treatment for depression, start exercising and a healthy diet, lost weight, got a new wardrobe, really started to take an interest in fashion and makeup as things I enjoy. I realize how self care and grooming make me feel happy and confident. The need for Lo’s validation and the need for him to know me are still there and play out in fantasies but I am slowly getting stronger. I realize I missed out on these things during childhood.

    2. This powerful pull that happens towards LO. I imagine if I had this for myself then everything that came into contact with me would be understood, would be experienced without attachment, would be seen exactly for what it is. What must this be like? I would actually see reality in reality itself. Wow, this prospect, this possibility blows me away. I just need to know what I need to do and how to do it, to be able to ground firmly in my own gravity,

  2. When my I make random eye contact with my LO, i feel a sudden surge of energy and get flutters all over my body. It’s feels like such a crazy spiritual experience then I’m on a high for hours.

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