Our expertise

 Between us, we have a wide range of knowledge and experience.  The following are just a few of the many issues we can help you with:



Discovering infidelity, however that is defined for you, can be one of the most painful of experiences. Many relationships can and do survive this rupture of trust. It will take time and commitment from both sides. With the right expertise, many relationships grow into being more authentic and rewarding. 


Have you or your partner struggled with an obsessive enduring romantic infatuation? An obsessive crush that doesn’t seem to go away? You may be impacted by limerence, a debilitating condition. 


Addiction can be to a substance such as alcohol or drugs. Often, addiction spreads and will include disordered eating or exercise patterns. Dependant relationships, addictive sex, gambling and risk-taking are other forms of addiction which are less readily recognised, but wreak havoc on lives, jobs and families. Often, a client needs help with other areas of his or her life before substance or behavioural use can be reduced. Often a client will not want or need a rehabilitation unit but needs regular confidential support.


Strong emotions are rarely accepted in modern day life. Few of us are equipped to deal with expressions or anger, fear or vulnerability. Our social and professional culture encourages each of us to suppress the so-called negative emotions.Anger can be a frightening and alienating emotion. Its distorted expression causes difficulty in work and in relationships. LoveRelations helps clients understand the roots of anger, how its expression is triggered, and how it may be destructive.



Persistent anxiety, which may manifest as restlessness, hypervigilance, sleeplessness and poor concentration, responds well to psychotherapy. We explore the roots of anxiety, allowing clients to gain some insight as to the triggers and cause of distress.Prolonged anxiety, and the associated panic disorders, cause extreme distress, loss of productivity and quality of life and have a profound impact on physical health. We specialises in anxiety related disorders such as phobias, panic attacks, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and trauma (PTSD). Often, clients experience panic alongside other symptoms.


Depression is thought to affect one-in-three of the adult population. In its mildest form, depression can mean just being in low spirits; although it may impair our ability to function or to relate to others.  At its most severe, major depression (clinical depression) can be life-threatening. Extreme hopelessness and suicide ideation are common in severe, untreated depression. The sufferer may have a sense that life is not worth living.At LoveRelations we understand the complicated and sometimes, hidden, distress of depression. We work with you to look behind the depressive symptoms to find what may best offer long term relief.


When difficult feelings become entrenched or the sense of loss inhibits ordinary life, professional support may help. LoveRelations offers help especially tailored to work with loss and grief. We can support you wherever you are at in their process.  We will work with the loss itself and look at previous experiences of loss, bereavement or undealt with grief. LoveRelations can offer short and tailored counselling or longer-term work, depending on your needs.


We can offer appropriate levels of intervention and support in the immediate aftermath of a traumatic incident. David Perl has a specific interest in trauma, having set up docleaf, one of the UK’s preeminent trauma intervention providers.

Not all clients will develop full-blown post-traumatic stress disorders. Not all clients experience the symptoms of trauma as a result of one random external act. Childhood issues, family distress or abuse are all possible causes of trauma. Supportive, targeted psychotherapy can bring real relief to clients who suffer from historic traumas.


Love addiction is a human behavioUr in which people become addicted to the feeling of being in love. Love addicts can take on many different behavioUrs. Love addiction is common; however, most love addicts do not realiSe they are addicted to love. Was your partner besotted with you when you met? Do they crave affection and attention?


After sex, money is one of the most argued over issues in a couples relationship. In some relationships, money is used as a form of control. We can help you develop a healthier relationship with money and see how it impacts the dynamics.


Are you in a relationship where you feel you have little or no control? Where there is physical or emotional intimidation? Are you approaching mid life and the empty nest syndrome? Whilst these issues are not specific to woman, we see them more commonly. Ruth has a specific interest in this area and facilitates groups for woman struggling with these issues.


Asking for help is viewed or felt by many men as shameful and unmasculine. A man solves his own problems – that’s why men don’t ask for directions!  We can help men  seek a more healthy and emotionally intelligent  approach to their relationships.


Do you have interfering in-laws? Do your siblings impact your primary relationship. Do you find it hard to create healthy boundaries with your family of origin? It is not uncommon for family of origin dynamics to impact upon your relationship and this is where we can help.


Many issues in relationships present with sexual difficulties. Mismatched desire, boredom, unrealistic expectations, fear of communicating sexual likes and dislikes and keeping desire in a long term relationships are all common issues we see.  We have the expereince and knowledge to help both individuals and couples overcome these and many other common roadblocks.


Many relationships can be rescued with the help of professional advice. Trial separations without help rarely work, infact 65% end in divorce. The main reasons are couples don’t resolve the issues that caused the initial rift and still do not know how to have honest and transparent communication.  Before embarking on such a radical step, we can’t emphasise enough how professional advice can help save many relationships.


Sexual addiction is the term used to describe any sexual activity that feels ‘out of control’. A high sex drive, kinks, multiple partners and use of porn are not sex addiction if they are not impacting your life. If you feel you are are engaging in any sexual activity that you can no longer control and is likely to result in harm to yourself and or others than help may be needed