Ruth and I are delighted that you are thinking of getting more support to help you manage your journey with limerence.

On this page we give more details on what we offer and how the parts work as a whole to give you the best fighting chance of minimising the fall out of this condition.

We have built this community over the past 10 years based on our experiences as a married couple of more than 3 decades, as psychotherapists and coaches and also as people that have both had to manage their own journeys through limerence. 

Limerence really is the mother of all battles and in our experience, the more support you get, the better.  And even better if its from fellow limerents who will really understand your struggles. It’s hard to know the agony of limerence unless you’ve been through it your self. 

In this amazing community you will find many others who have walked a similar path – some are in front of you are there are likely some behind you. Some maybe on different paths however we are all heading in a similar direction – one of personal growth and wanting to be better versions of ourselves.