Back in 2016, a member on the forum wrote this about a blog article:

I am still finding my feet a little in so many aspects of my life following on from my Limerent Experience. On my journey to find answers, so I could rediscover myself, for me the first article I came across is still by far the best. It is superbly written with beautiful compassion, and explains everything in perfect detail. I couldn’t find any reference on the forum so thought I would post it here: … rence.html

I think it is so good that have I’ve made this post a ‘sticky’. Especially as it so cleverly treads that fine line between giving credence to the reality of the feelings felt through Limerence while also addressing the power and addiction created by the fantasy.

What is amazing is the author of this article was just 15 at the time. A decade on, the author, Brittany Thaw reveals more about her experience of limerence, how it evolved and where she is in her life now. Many topics are covered including family of origin, narcissism, disclosure and no contact. Link to Brittany’s blog post from 2011…

If you are impacted by limerence, check out the community at We have a free forum, private members only forum, an online video program and regular zoom meetings plus other support. Id love to see you there and hear your story. Please contact me at david at if you wish to be interviewed about your own limerence Dr. David Perl, couples counsellor, relationship coach and psychotherapist

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