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June 2015 - Its now been 4.5 years since my limerence started started. Im pretty much over my only experience of this grief inducing experience. In that time i've completed my 4 year psychotherapy training. Ive come out the other end pretty cynical about the way we were trained and even more cynical about the number of practising therapists that seem to not have healed their own attachment wounds.

I'll be using the skills and insights i learned and will see a few clients, but its not going to be by main line of work. Anyhow, here is the place i'm at as far as my thoughts on limerence and also romantic love.

I now see limerence as an extreme form of romantic love. My list is based on my own journey through limerence, a ton of reading (books and forums) , a lot of self therapy, 7 years of personal therapy, my own training, many hours of intimate conversations with  close friends who are peers and both love addicted, working with love addicted clients, group therapy etc.

Many understandably opt the spiritual bypass route, sadly there is no bypass from doing this work. I wish there was. Had i read that list 4.5 years ago i would have thought WTF. I had to go through my grief to get to this place. I still have more grieving to do. Maybe by posting my reflections can help others struggling with the madness of limerence. More likely im still acting out my "parental rescue fantasies" Oh well, at least im sort of conscious of that. And so my work continues.