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NC with limerent Object??

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NC with limerent Object??

Post by keke » Sun Mar 22, 2020 8:30 pm

I finally realize that i shifted my feelings for my first limerent object to a new guy i met online recently..this made me message my Original LO after NC and I'm feeling like im just going in this downward spiral again. we exchanged a few text messages back and fourth but he takes forever to reply and it leaves me going back to the new guy who im also obsessing over. I was doing so well with NC but now i feel like im in too deep and it seems stronger than before. I know this will fade away for me eventually but how did NC with your limerent object work? how can i stop this? also is it possible that i may end up hurting my first LO because limerence is a selfish love and short lived... i wish i was able to control this.


Re: NC with limerent Object??

Post by Guest » Tue Mar 24, 2020 2:32 am

I feel for you keke. I'm trying as best I can with NC but I work with my LO and I almost thinks she intentionally finds ways to get in my line of vision and increase my suffering. I've had others in the past where it was long distance so NC was easy, but it still was a long long struggle to work my way out of the fantasies and the heartbreak. I thought I had finally kicked this long struggle with multiple limerent episodes, but about a month ago it blindsided me again, this time with a co-worker, making it extra difficult. I guess I learned my lesson that I'm a limerence time bomb and should never get too comfortable if I think I'm done with it. It always finds me sooner or later.

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