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Living with yourself

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Living with yourself

Post by Idiotic » Fri Feb 07, 2020 6:15 pm

Now i dont watch ITV , but i read about it online, and then saw this interview, i was very moved. Philip could have come out to his wife, and not made a big thing about this , but he chose to face it and face the world with it. Its evident he is so vulnerable right now, that he might break any moment , and the people around him know they need to hold him, cos he can hardly breathe. Its so clear this is THE MOMENT of his life, the most tense one. I dont know how it will unfold in the family, cos whatever is said and done, their 27 yrs of marriage were based on a kind of lie, its something so hard to come to terms with , there are difficult times ahead for his wife and for him. But its really commendable, that he finally decided to face himself. Stopping to face ones self , is the first step and as Philip here provides an example, its never to late to be honest with yourself. Its the first step to truly living. But its not easy, there are many layers of denials and defences that we put up, and those walls dont come down at once.
He admits himself he is going to deal with a lot of Guilt.

Its interesting to watch in context of Cookie's(my rabbit) thread about Transparent and, secrets and boundaries.
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