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Post by Max »

I checked the slack group from the project where I met LO today for the first time in ages. Big mistake.

To my surprise I saw that she'd posted a week or so ago. She put up a pic from her birthday night in Sept.

I'm in it. Was very jarring and very triggering. My blood ran cold as soon as I saw it.

She also posted something lame about memories from the project. She hasn't posted there once in over 4 months.

And now of course my mind is doing the usual crazy backflips. Did she post in some hope of getting my attention?

Why upload a pic of me in it? Surely there are others from that night (with our mutual colleagues in) but not me?

Has she noticed that I de-friended her from facebook?

If she wanted to get in touch, she could simply do so. She hasn't done so.

Then again maybe she feels too embarrassed.

God I hate this shit.

I've had a good few days as well.

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Re: Triggered

Post by JupiterTaco »

You could really drive yourself crazy with the whys and wondering what they meant, was it on purpose, meant for me, all that. I've been there. What's a better idea is to figure out what you can learn from it, and accept and deal with your own feelings, and try to focus elsewhere whenever possible.
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Re: Triggered

Post by Bettyboo »

Hi Max, I understand the triggering all too well. I saw some old photos of my LO and all these feelings came flooding back.

I’m five weeks NC with mine now and I wonder if I’ll ever not be triggered by him. Luckily our paths are unlikely to ever cross again.

Stay positive!! x

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