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SO 4th Affair (PISSED!!! @#$%&)

For those married or in a Long Term Relationship and struggling with limerence.
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Re: SO 4th Affair (PISSED!!! @#$%&)

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Glad to be helpful, WM.

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Re: SO 4th Affair (PISSED!!! @#$%&)

Post by David »

Watchmaker wrote:
Fri Oct 11, 2019 1:56 pm
So anyways, the logic is: if my wife hadn't been a serial cheater, maybe I wouldn't have had LE. Some forum users here have expressed that, how could anyone not seek an escape with the things I've been through, etc. But then if I take a good hard look at my history, I myself had a one-time indiscretion 10+ years ago, and also in/out on/off over the years with some porn use (my wife was watching porn with one of her AP's). And then this year I had the LE eruption (essentially an EA on my part).
Not sure a one time indiscretion is the same as a long term affair. Its all cheating though. I watched this clip a few years back and my own experience and those of my clients emulates this. We also talk about limerence and its origins in our attachment style, which is also cemented in childhood.

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