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Post - How long is too long a post?

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Re: Post - How long is too long a post?

Post by David »

It can be as long as you want as long as it does not crash the server
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Re: Post - How long is too long a post?

Post by L-F »

guestquestion wrote:
Fri Sep 13, 2019 12:21 am

"To this day, I tell myself it must have been a ‘love at first sight’ kinda thing when I met neighbor (LO) 5 years ago. I’m pretty sure, I was smitten from the beginning. I was immediately attracted to her, and in the months and years that followed, what I experienced and felt with/for her couldn’t hold a candle to other ‘crushes’ or ‘infatuations’ I’d had – all of which were mere child’s play compared to this.

Not only physical attraction; I was drawn to her – personality, intellect, sense of humor, value system, good wife and mother, and so on."
Sounds like my LO.
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guest question

Re: Post - How long is too long a post?

Post by guest question »

Ok, I've set up an account now as "Watchmaker" and am about ready to post in 3 parts.

Thanks already for the warm welcome and support!!!

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