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What will happen when my husband meets his LO?

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What will happen when my husband meets his LO?

Post by Rbitdog »

I posted before in “shell shocked by surprise divorce”. We are currently waiting for divorce to be final. He is still living at home, waiting for her to get a visa. His bizarre schedule is: as soon as I leave in the morning he gets on the phone to her for about an hour. He leaves for work before I get home from dropping our son off at school. He doesn’t get home until about 8 pm because he stops off in parking lots to talk to her. At 11 pm, he leaves to park at a Walmart until 4am, when he comes home.
On the phone he using a sing song babytalk voice I’ve never heard, and they’ll say “love you” over and over throughout the conversation. He gets very agitated if she’s upset about anything, and he’s sending her lots of money every month.
I cannot imagine how frantic he’ll be for everything to be perfect for her when she arrives. She’s bringing three minor children and maybe all her servants. He hasn’t started packing at all and doesn’t seem to have a house yet for them.
What happens when they finally move in with their LO? She’s bound to get upset at some stuff, she seems pretty volatile, what will he do when she’s right in front of him and upset. He gets so agitated and frantic when she’s upset thousands of miles away. Is he dangerous to us?

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Re: What will happen when my husband meets his LO?

Post by mamasita »

Things won't be perfect, that I can say for sure.
I can't imagine witnessing all of this and just waiting to see what happens.
Is he moving out of your marital home and in with her?
As far as if he is dangerous to you...well, he doesn't seem to care about you at all. He's dangerous to himself. As for you, I hope that you can get away from him and limit your exposure (and your child's exposure) to this dysfunctional situation in his home.

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Re: What will happen when my husband meets his LO?

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Look after yourself....

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