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Interesting BBC doc on polyamory with Louis Theroux

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Interesting BBC doc on polyamory with Louis Theroux

Post by David » Mon Nov 05, 2018 7:30 am

Well worth a watch if your country allows the iplayer to function ... out-limits

For hundreds of years, romantic relationships in western society have been based on the idea of monogamy: two people, together, for ever. But with nearly half of all US marriages ending in divorce, perhaps the traditional model is no longer fit for purpose.

In Love Without Limits, Louis travels to Portland, Oregon, the heart of a movement seeking to rewrite the rulebook on how we conduct intimate relationships and experience family life.

Portland, whose city motto is 'Keep Portland Weird', is seen as the US capital of polyamory and ethical non-monogamy, the practice of openly and transparently having multiple relationships that go further than just sex.

Louis embeds himself with families who have made the bold decision to open up their relationships in a number of different ways, whether inviting others into existing relationships or allowing partners to seek romance elsewhere. He discovers that for many, more partners means more love and more happiness. But for others, multiple relationships have led to jealousy, upset and broken hearts.

I came away feeling that people will seeking others to love them and no amount of this was going to suffice in the plongeringer term. NRE / limerence invariably wanes once barriers to crystallization are removed. If we didn't have to grapple with jealousy, possessiveness and insecurity as part of being humans, then what a great idea.
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