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Good weekend

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Good weekend

Post by NVTS »

I went on a four hour road trip with my family to meet my new born niece! The weather was perfect and I also got to see some old family friends who are not in good health. While I was holding my niece, I couldn’t help but think that this girl has a life full of experiences yet to live and that I am truly lucky and happy to be part of it!

Also got to see some really close family friends. I have mentioned my sister from another mother in other posts and it’s her mom who is in poor health. She was genuinely happy to see us and although I deal with morbidity and mortality on a daily basis it hit home to see her in such a state.

Folks we each only have so many years left on this Earth, please enjoy it for all its worth!
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Re: Good weekend

Post by JupiterTaco »

Good for you, NVTS. This is a good thing to remember. I have spent so many years either living in the past or the future, what the future was supposed to be according to plan, that I truly had no idea how to live in the present and just relax and enjoy things. I'm learning that now and it's an ongoing process. I wasn't raised to think it was okay to take walks in the park, take pictures of architecture, do beading, etc. because "young people" are "supposed to work" and make money or go to college, etc. with their free time.
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