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Wounds of the Heart

For many, limerence represents a spiritual crisis or awakening. Read other's experiences here.
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Wounds of the Heart

Post by David » Fri May 18, 2018 6:33 am

I just sent the attached paper by John Welwood on spiritual Bypassing to a client that is embarking on a men's retreat. Its about how some of us use spiritual practices to avoid confronting our early life wounds.

The following paragraphs stood out

I’m interested in how it plays out in relationships, where spiritual bypassing often wreaks its worst havoc. If you were a yogi in a cave doing years of solo retreat, your psychological wounding might not show up so much because your focus would be entirely on your practice, in an environment that may not aggravate your relational wounds. It’s in relationships that our unresolved psychological issues tend to show up most intensely. That’s because psychological wounds are always relational — they form in and through our relationships with our early caretakers.

The basic human wound, which is prevalent in the modern world, forms around not feeling loved or intrinsically lovable as we are. Inadequate love or attunement is shocking and traumatic for a child’s developing and highly sensitive nervous system. And as we internalize how we were parented, our capacity to value ourselves, which is also the basis for valuing others, becomes damaged. I call this a “relational wound“ or the “wound of the heart.”

Link to the full paper is here for those interested
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