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Thoughts on a recurring dream

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Re: Thoughts on a recurring dream

Post by yalegirl » Tue Jun 05, 2018 11:14 pm

In the last week I have been having horrific dreams. I never remember my dreams but I remember these. I used to have repetitive dreams, common scenarios like all of a sudden remembering I never graduated from High School that sort of thing. These new dreams (the one last night) are strange, I dreamt I was still married to my ex and we lived in a decrepit falling down house filled with dog shit and dog pee and garbage. Even I can figure that one out.

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Re: Thoughts on a recurring dream

Post by Idiotic » Sun Aug 12, 2018 4:24 pm

Had a water body dream again. It was different from all the previous ones, perhaps there has been a shift... Who knows.
It was a river this time, and I was manning a boat , the boat wasn't mine though. It was a small row boat, I was cruising along the river in great speed. At some point another man got onboard and took the oars, not from me, just another set of oars, he didn't row in another direction, didn't say anything to me, just rowed along with me. But I resented his being there, it made me feel I wasn't in charge, I felt like a child, I wanted to row alone. Anyway, I was cruising along the river again, with the random man... After some time our boat ran aground. We had to drag our boat for a while. All this while I'm not communicating with the other guy, he's just doing what I'm doing, or I'm doing what he's doing.
This running out of water is a common theme in my dream, I expect it to happen, I always run out of water. But there was something very surprising this time. I don't know how I got there, but I remember facing down a cliff, and I can see deep water. I want to jump, but I am fearful. I am unable to jump, although I long to, and I can see that the water is deep enough to hold me. I didn't jump, before waking up.
For the first time I was given the deep water I've been looking for and I couldn't jump.
I don't know how exactly, but this dream was very different. And my fear of taking the plunge very obvious. Maybe my unconscious is trying to tell me that its not that the water was always shallow, but that I was also afraid to jump.
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