The Casanova-Complex , Peter Trachtenberg

Book recommendations and book reviews. Please add reviews of any books you found helpful during your limerence recovery.
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The Casanova-Complex , Peter Trachtenberg

Post by Annabelle » Thu Mar 16, 2017 4:20 pm

A friend of mine suggested this book to me, because it changed her way of dealing with love addiction / love-addicts and enabled her to enter a loving relationship free of the damaging mechanisms that are at play.

The Casanova-Complex, Compulsive Lovers and their Women..

I've just finished reading it , I can definitely recommend it to all women (and men) who would want to understand compulsive lovers / love-addicts and why they fall for them. ( I am not sure if there are "Casanova women" types)
It was one of the last chapter titled 'Casanova's women' , that described my behaviourisms / background / family situation to a T... which was a pretty shocking revelation for me.. :oops:

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