Shell shocked by surprise divorce

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Shell shocked by surprise divorce

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I’m 60, my husband of 21 years is also 60. It’s been a wonderful marriage, I consider him my best friend and we really don’t have other friends outside of the marriage. We have a 15 year old son. In May he started texting a woman he met when he was her middle school teacher, he was mid 20s and she was 13. They had a crush on each other. He quit teaching and they had no contact for the next 34 years. She’s now 46, divorced, with 6 kids I think, three still at home.
They texted a few times, he fell in love, and before the end of May they were engaged. I found out in June that he had decided he’d divorce me and marry her. No discussion, already decided. I think he told her he’s divorced. She’s on indonesia, where he’s from, so he’s really never met her as an adult. But she’s applied for a startup visa, and plans to bring her, her three minor children, her adult daughter and fiancée, her maid, driver, and houseboy to the US. She’s being funded by her aunt and uncle, who also have been told he’s divorced. He’s been sending money.
He texts her obsessively, i our house, in front of me and our son. I’ve asked him not to but it makes no difference. He’ll lie and say he isn’t, when he clearly is. If she’s upset, he becomes a different person. Nervous, agitated, restless, even hostile and threatening.
I am shattered. I don’t understand how he can end our marriage for someone he doesn’t even know.

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Re: Shell shocked by surprise divorce

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I am so sorry to read this.
This is a mid life crisis on an epic scale.
He needs to be certified.

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