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LO could be SO

Find support here if your partner is in limerence, having an affair or love addicted.
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LO could be SO

Post by Limfriend1 »

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Re: LO could be SO

Post by Heart_Open »

I understand what you are saying. It was one of the key thoughts I had during the height of limerence...what if someone felt this way for my husband, what if he felt that way for someone else. I did not have the word Limerence back then. I also had LO's SO upmost in my mind. I couldn't do that to another woman, even if i didnt know her. All this didnt help the feelings go away though, just made me feel more guilty!

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Re: LO could be SO

Post by JohnDeux »

L-F wrote:
Sun Jul 02, 2017 7:30 am
.....whenever I read stories about married women in love with married men I can't help thinking they could be talking about my husband, or father, which makes me feel ill. Very ill.

Or married men talking about married women, which makes me think they could be talking about my mother or sister or even me! :ymsick:
L-F, can you explain or get a sense for why this thought makes you feel such discomfort? I guess I feel that an LS, to develop true limerent feelings, is going through a period of self-discovery. In that light, it's less about the target of the affection/obsession as it is aatbout something getting unlocked within the LS. You've noted the recent discomfort at the gardener's attentions, but what you were describing above seems like something else...?

Edited to add that married others talking about a target (married or not) of affection is different from them badgering that target of affection.
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