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More on therapists from Jeff Brown

Talk therapy can help but at times less cognitive treatments are required. Anything related to ANY form of therapy goes here.
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More on therapists from Jeff Brown

Post by David » Mon Aug 07, 2017 7:58 pm

Read this today on Jeff Brown's FB page.

It mirrors my own beliefs around the many snake oil folk out there peddling quick and easy cures:

I cannot over-stress the importance of working with a competent, grounded and boundaried psychotherapist if you are wanting to work through deeply embedded issues and traumas. This is absolutely essential and should be put in place before you endeavor to put yourself in the hands of many self-proclaimed ‘spiritual healers’.

There are many people in the ‘spiritual’ community who are passing themselves off as masters and shamans and they do not have the roots, or the solidity, or the egoic capacity to hold seekers safe. They are often individuals who have an economic, and/or egoic need to be seen in a particular light (in an effort to escape their own shadows), and they are not qualified to work with deep trauma. The very moment someone calls themselves a ‘master’, you immediately know that they are full of shit. Because if they are that certain of their ‘mastery’, they lack the humble capacity required to hold the space for another’s material, and they will not have the wisdom to know when they have to refer someone out.

I am seeing a great many individuals teaching workshops in things they know very little about, and I am seeing many playing with fire (i.e. 'super-cool' ayahuasca practitioners) with no training in working with the trauma material that emerges in their sessions. When I began to explore holotropic breathwork, I had been in therapy for years. I still had (and, have) more healing to do, but I had enough of a foundation to take good care of myself. If you don’t have that foundation yet, you may well be easily seduced by many of the dissociative practitioners who present themselves as healers. Be super careful, and remember that spiritual healing and yogic soulebrity are now industries, ripe with manipulation and projection. Many who practice in these ways have no regard for your wellbeing.

Be vigilant and surround yourself with those who understand the delicate, and often deadly nature of trauma. Trauma work is no game. No transcendance bypassers, no flaky masters, no artificial forgiveness and pseudo-positivity proponents, no 'New Cage' pain-body story bashers, no name-changing westerners dressed in guru garb. Only solid, integrated, emotionally mature practitioners.
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