Being Friends with Married LO

A common and understandable desire, can it work?
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Re: Being Friends with Married LO

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I think mileage and circumstances will vary.

I still like to think being friends is possible, but difficult at times. On the surface I'm friends with my LO, and my feelings are kept to myself. I mostly see her in a small group with SO, so everything is kept in check.

Next time I see her will be just the two of us, at hers, for a weekend. That, plus attraction and chemistry could be a recipe for trouble, but I'm still assuming that attraction is only one way, so all I need to do is enjoy the time for what it it is and not say anything stupid.

I suppose the geographical distance and circumstances are going to make that occasionally possible, but it would be different if we lived nearer - I would probably rarely or never have reason to see her just the two of us.

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