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Made a decision

A tough thing to do - the pros and cons
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Re: Made a decision

Post by Tremington »

Only 2 weeks into this NC, but like I said we have had other periods that stretched many months of NC. Its going ok so far.

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Re: Made a decision

Post by NVTS »

So yeah, guys can feel it too. I literally have to leave her alone if I truly care about her and her hapiness. I have to live with that everyday. I want us both to be happy even if it is without each other.

I came to that realization earlier in this LE. Unfortunately it hasn’t entirely stopped me from reaching out.Buuuuut I do feel for the first time since LE started that the Gifts and Lessons are sinking in.
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Re: Made a decision

Post by Pandora »

So, I made another decision: I disclosed, in the sense of 'I can't contact you anymore because I like you and stuff'. His response was kind, as expected, but also hilarious in such a way that it made me glad that I was choosing not to moon over him anymore.

So, now I embark on a new era. Limerence post DC and NC. We'll see how it goes.
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