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What switch flipped?

For those married or in a Long Term Relationship and struggling with limerence.
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Re: What switch flipped?

Post by Whiskeyjack » Fri Dec 14, 2018 11:54 pm

LisaTranscending wrote:
Fri Dec 14, 2018 3:48 pm
WJ you are the man! I think any man who is able to transcend all the socialization that sometimes precludes such an effort to create intimacy with a member of the opposite sex (without awakening some underlying fears the: "I won't harm you, or touch your defenses, vanity, insecurity."--Simple Minds.) is brave and just so wonderful to read about. Bravo!:

*just to add, many females are just as terrified of intimacy and figure out ways to sabotage or hide from it. so that sort of bravery really is sexless universally speaking perhaps, but taking into account the male imperative of "seeming" tough and acting tough, who then does workbook exercises to connect with his wife, I think that's just more rare. (throw a tomato if you disagree) (~~) ha! only can throw a pumpkin at me.
Thanks very much LT. No tomatoes or pumpkins headed your way. I don't want to threadjack too much here but I'll just say that, personally, I find the idea of intimacy with DW to be quite masculine. So does dancing a waltz for that matter. Unless I step on her feet, of course.

Thanks also for the Simple Minds reference and link. That takes me waaaaaaaaay back.

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