Building we met at will be a constant reminder

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Building we met at will be a constant reminder

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Since January there was a guy who I had limerence for who was on my course. He initiated the initial talking and I would catch him looking at me a lot. At the end of March I fell out with him for not replying to a personal text, which he then purposely did not read a follow up message from me in relation to the course so I blocked him.

I ended up going back to college to submit some final coursework in June which he was trying to make conversation and I had a feeling he wanted to talk to me as he was hovering around when I was leaving. I unblocked him later that day as I had a feeling he wanted to chat more. Then a month later he got in touch asking me to catch up and go for a walk with him. I was on holiday when he contacted me and a few days later he tried calling me twice and when I text back he claims he was accidentally messing with his phone.

We met up for a walk a few days ago and had an amazing time. I have not felt a connection with someone like this before. He did apologise about not replying and said he did not know what he was supposed to say. I think lots of people were not acting straight at the start of the pandemic so I will let him off. He said I should contact him when I go walking next so he can come walking me. I am anxious as I know he is still looking at dating sites since our walk, as men do like to keep their options open. He is also an ambitious person which means he is very busy as he struggles to have free time. I'm not getting my hopes up.

What I’m dreading is going back to the college in September. I am doing the second year of the course whilst he is going to another college to do a different course. I think I will feel heartbroken if things don’t work out romantically with him and I will have a constant reminder of him by going back to the building. It would be ok for him as he would not be going back. I don’t know whether to go to a new college for a fresh start.

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Re: Building we met at will be a constant reminder

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It might help. Or it might help to get a new routine going there if you want to stay.
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