So thankful I'm not alone

Tell us your story. What has been your experience?
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Re: So thankful I'm not alone

Post by JellyBean » Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:22 pm

Idiotic wrote:
Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:11 pm
Okay , I have to confess to one more stalker thing i did. When i was helping her move (she was my friends neighbor, then she moved away) , she left some books and stuff to be given away. I stole two books , one in German, i don't even read german! I just took it. And i also stole a rough page i saw sticking out from a notebook, it was a draft of a chapter of her theses. Yup kept that too, not very proud of it. Its kinda pathetic. But i don't feel like throwing it now.
Sadly, I'm not shocked. We limerents do some bizarre things. We might be a bit nutty in the head, but our intentions are good - mostly. With the amount I post on here, I've never disclosed my disclosure - way too embarrassing to disclose.

Remember, this is all about you buddy. When you are ready to do the heavy lifting, things will start to make sense.
Just call me LF, short for Limerent Friend.

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Re: So thankful I'm not alone

Post by JohnDeux » Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:51 pm

J.A.Prufrock wrote:
Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:06 am
Well it fucking wasn't and it crippled my life.
Agree and welcome.

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Re: So thankful I'm not alone

Post by SuckerForDopamine » Thu Sep 14, 2017 5:25 am

J.A.Prufrock wrote:
Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:17 am
SuckerForDopamine wrote:
Wed Sep 13, 2017 6:33 am
Welcome to the forum JA...or another way would be to say at least you have found us...others who share the incredible agony of this condition. There are so many people here, all in different stages of LE or recovery from it. I really know how alone you feel even though we are all here for you. NC is one of the hardest things to decide to do but it is truly the only option. Believe me, the pain of constantly getting those dopamine kicks and needing more and bigger kicks over time is actually harder than going NC. My answer so far has been to get a huge amount of excercise when the anxiety of NC flares up. The excercise high seems to help. Good luck in your journey and please know we are ALWAYS here for you.
Well, thanks for the hospitality :)

I do need to start excercising again, it's been a while. I stopped because I realized that my only goal in gettingi in shape was to look good so that maybe she'd feel attracted to me. How do you find the drive to just "do it for yourself?" That's what I'm missing in my life I think, I don't do anything without something to egg me on
To be perfectly honest, my anxiety drives me to excercise. I get so worked up about not being able to contact her in any way and my anxiety becomes unbearable. I find even going for a 30 minute "power walk" does help a lot. Lately I have been going for bike rides of at least 9 miles (40 minutes) and the high after doing that cancels out a lot of the anxiety. I also have type 2 diabetes and I'm hoping to lose enough weight to get off my diabetic meds. Hope this helps. Good luck!!

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Re: So thankful I'm not alone

Post by marko » Sat Sep 16, 2017 2:08 pm

Pretty sure my early life LO's shaped most of my life. My motivations to impress certainly have that impress them written all over it. Hollywood images of the tough guy getting the girl :D . Developing a warped view of how things work and an ingrained warped reaction is a tough thing to unravel. Cutting her off is the best thing you can do. For a time, it will be very hard as even the thought of turning away is still and LO thought. Is there anything in yourself that you find your LO making you feel good about. An escape to this person who you see as a healer makes them a healing agent in yourself that they shouldn't be. For now, stay tough and don't let it beat you up too much, that can cause you to run back.

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Re: So thankful I'm not alone

Post by Windy1 » Sat Sep 16, 2017 4:08 pm

I first came across the term "limerence" while reading a psychology journal in the waiting room of my therapist for our first session. The article was about romantic relationships and the description of LE was spot on as to what I was feeling. I mentioned this to the therapist who had a puzzled look on her face and admitted that she never heard of it.

I have a lot of psych issues and the latest LE was the straw that broke the camels back and led me to seek some help. It's not that i dislike my wife or life. I was getting along pretty well until LE really threw me into a tailspin.

The best part of finally giving a name to this crazy thinking helps put things in perspective, Unfortunately it hasn't made it disappear (LOL).

The stories related by all of you have really helped me to realize that I don't need to torture myself in loneliness.
Posting on this board is cathartic and therapeutic, and I hope that some of you find my stories useful. Thanks to all of you!

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Re: So thankful I'm not alone

Post by LostAgain » Sat Sep 16, 2017 9:36 pm

Mr Prufrock,you have my sympathy.
Going no comment is harsh when you have been limerent.
You will be familiar with TSE's immortal lines....
'As the soul leaves the body torn and bruised..'
That is what it can feel like going NC.Like a part of you is being ripped out.

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