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What a ride it's been.

Perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel. Or maybe life is never the same after limerence. Read how others have coped with limerence in the longer term. Please feel free to post your own accounts of journeying through limerence.
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What a ride it's been.

Post by herewegoagain » Wed Jul 13, 2016 1:39 am

Only a few short months ago I went from a panic attack after hanging out with an ex-boyfriend/lover, to googling my obsessive feelings of needing closure and the reciprocity of his friendship...that I wasn't finding the word limerence, fueled by hope and uncertainty. Yup. Real or perceived....Or in this case a mixed bag of both.

Finding that word, and this forum, explains my 39 years on this planet. I am so grateful for this awareness. It is truly the aha moment. Everything makes sense and I can see my life from a third party perspective from beginning to end. And I don't want to live like that anymore. I am impressed by my own intuition and coping mechanisms I developed over the clever I am. Always dancing around the core issue...that I never seemingly noticed. Wow. I finally feel free. I finally feel like I can start living the life I am meant to live. What took so long??!?

I haven't felt this empowered and full of love in a very long time. I am brimming with overwhelming joy and happiness. I am starting to feel like me. Like the real authentic me I used to know.

Except for one problem. Now that I am happy again, I am engaging socially more with men, and I am excited to date again, which is something I consciously haven't done for 2 years because I wanted to figure my shit out. I said that I would know when I was ready to date again. And I am ready. I am very ready.

And just like that I meet a bunch of great men, and flirt and have fun. One in particular though I felt more connected to than the rest. Like a real genuine and authentic connection. He felt it too. Those words were exchanged. So now what??? Is this real??? I feel like I am becoming limerent towards him and I am trying to mentally stay anchored. Not get caught up in the fantasy. I think I like him. Or I think I could like him. And there it is....hope and uncertainty.

Can you ever win? How do you know what's real?

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Re: What a ride it's been.

Post by JupiterTaco » Mon Oct 17, 2016 5:37 am

I know the feeling, I always worry that my limerence will come back either for someone from the past or present. I think it's what you do at the beginning that counts. If your fantasies start running away with you AND you start NEEDING them to happen, I think that's where one gets into trouble. It's all about nipping that in the bud before it even starts. :)
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