Hi, I'm Dr. David Perl from London in the UK. I am a registered medical practitioner (University of London, UK)  and a qualified psychotherapist.  I work with my wife, Ruth as relationship coaches and couples counsellors. I also work as a psychotherapist with individual clients. For further information on us and the couples work we offer click our LoveRelations Couples Counselling website. I also run docleaf - a leadership development company that coaches CEO's and other high achievers in the art of authentic leadership. 

I have grappled with limerence and know love addiction / co-dependency all too well. Given my experience of healing and the lack of knowledge and awareness around limerence in the therapeutic community, I decided to devote myself to learning more so i could help others.

I offer Skype video, voice or chat coaching/therapy to help people and others affected by all levels of limerence, codependency and love addiction. If you are within commuting distance, I also offer face to face sessions. I am based near to London, UK.

I offer to others what took us many years to work out. A powerful path to healing, recovery,  personal empowerment, and the skills to create healthier relationships.

We also offer joint couples session via skype  through our LoveRelations practice. 

Fees for a 60 minute skype session is UK£120 for 60 minutes. Payment needs to be made in advance.  A payment link will be included when you book your session. To book a session directly yourself using my online booking system,  click here.

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